Medicaid Eligibility Tool Results – Eligible

Projected Medicaid Eligibility Status

It is very likely the person for whom you’ve completed this form will meet the eligibility requirements for Medicaid long term care in your chosen state. However, this is merely a projection. It is not a determination of eligibility, nor a guarantee. For an official determination, one must complete an application with their state Medicaid office.

Next Steps / Application Assistance Options
The Medicaid application process is confusing, time-consuming and requires significant documentation. It can be especially challenging when applying on someone else’s behalf or when applying outside one’s primary state of residence. Fortunately, there are assistance options to help families with the application process.

If you are not satisfied with the assistance that you receive from the Area Agency on Aging, consider contacting the Certified Medicaid Planner listed below to schedule a free initial consultation.

1) Your Local Area Agency on Aging

-Free assistance
-Knowledge staff

-Often under-staffed
-Majority of work falls on applicant’s shoulders
-Cannot advise if one doesn’t qualify

2) Certified Medicaid Planner

Eldercare Resource Planning, LLC
Certified Medicaid Planners for Long Term Care Benefits
[email protected]
Phone: (415) 854-8653

-Dedicated planner
-Completes paperwork & manages all communication
-Can advise how to meet eligibility criteria, if applicant is ineligible or denied.

-Fee based service