Medicaid Eligibility Tool Results – Undetermined

Projected Medicaid Eligibility Status
Undetermined. Likely Ineligible but Could Become Eligible

Unfortunately, the individual’s situation is complex and their eligibility status for Medicaid long term care cannot be determined based on the information provided. A Certified Medicaid Planner (CMP) will be contacting you to arrange a time to discuss your situation in greater detail, provide additional insight into eligibility status and explore other options and benefits.

The inability to determine eligibility status at this time is likely because the individual is near the income or asset limits, their marital status / living situation in their state complicates matters or they receive other benefits or have assets which impact their eligibility.

Based on the information provided, we suspect the individual is not currently eligible but could become eligible in a short period of time. Again, this will be determined when the Certified Medicaid Planner makes contact. You should expect a call within 1 business day.

Should you wish to contact them immediately, you can do so using the information below.

Eldercare Resource Planning, LLC
Certified Medicaid Planners for Long Term Care Benefits
[email protected]
Phone: (415) 854-8653