Medicaid Eligibility Test / Pre-Screen for Long Term Care

Last updated: April 01, 2024
 This test uses 2024 financial eligibility criteria. It is updated throughout the year as different states change their criteria.

Our organization has created a simple test for Americans, 65 and older to check their eligibility for Medicaid long term care. This includes questions about the Medicaid candidate’s (and their spouse’s) income and financial resources or “countable assets”. In Medicaid-speak, these are referred to as Medicaid income tests and Medicaid asset tests. This test does not take into consideration the level of care needs of the candidate. It is presumed all persons for whom the form is completed have Medicaid-level care needs for long term care.

Long term care benefits from Medicaid are most commonly provided in a nursing home. However, almost all states also offer “Home and Community Based Services”, which is both medical care and non-medical support services provided to persons living at home, in assisted living residences, memory care communities for persons with Alzheimer’s or in the homes of their loved ones.

IMPORTANT – Our Medicaid eligibility test provides an easy way for seniors to determine if they are immediately eligible for Medicaid. This is NOT an application. Nor, are the results of this test binding. The test is designed as a directional tool to inform seniors if they are immediately eligible or if they need to spend down their income or assets or consult with a Medicaid planning professional to become Medicaid eligible. Every state has different financial criteria for Medicaid eligibility and those criteria change annually. Every effort is made to keep this test up-to-date.

After completing the test, users will be informed of their projected eligibility status. Additionally, users will be informed of the most economic route for them to find assistance qualifying and applying for Medicaid, be that a state agency or private Certified Medicaid Planner or Elder Law Attorney.

The results of this test are presented as a webpage. Once the user’s browser window is closed, that webpage is no longer available. Therefore, an email address is required so that the user receives a permanent copy of their Medicaid eligibility test results.

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