Medicaid Eligibility Tool Results – Not Eligible

Projected Medicaid Eligibility Status
Not Currently Eligible

Unfortunately, it is very unlikely the person for whom you’ve completed the form will meet the eligibility requirements for Medicaid long term care in your chosen state. However, the good news is that strategies and techniques exist that can help this person become eligible.

Persons are typically not eligible because they either have too much income, too many assets or both. However, they cannot simply give these away to become eligible. Medicaid planning professionals employ a variety of complicated strategies to help their clients gain eligibility and at the same time preserve resources so spouses or children can continue to live independently.

Next Steps / Application Assistance
A Certified Medicaid Planner will be contacting you to discuss why the applicant is not eligible, what steps can be taken to help them become eligible and explain what other financial assistance options exist. You are under no obligation to work with this individual. However, it is suggested you make time for their free consultation to better understand your options.

Should you wish to contact them immediately, you can do so using the information below.

Eldercare Resource Planning, LLC
Certified Medicaid Planners for Long Term Care Benefits
[email protected]
Phone: (415) 854-8653