Financial Situation Changed While Medicaid Application Pending

Last updated: April 28, 2022
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medicaidplanner Staff asked 2 years ago

What to do if a situation has changed during application pending – inheritance, assets increase, incorrect info, residency change to assisted living from home, etc. How do we handle this, do we amend an application? What if these new factors change our eligibility? Do we cancel?

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medicaidplanner Staff answered 2 years ago

Any change should be reported to the Medicaid agency in which one’s application was submitted as soon as possible. Documentation related to the change will be required, so it might be best to first gather the documentation. However, this should not be done in a leisurely manner. It should be gathered and submitted to the Medicaid agency within a week, and definitely no more than two weeks. A letter should be included from the Medicaid applicant (or their representative) explaining how this new information fits into their pending application.

There is no need to cancel a pending application. This remains true even if the new factors change one’s eligibility. Based on federal law, a written notice with the reason for denial must be sent to the Medicaid applicant. Therefore, one can still learn something from a denied application. For instance, persons who were found ineligible due to “excess” assets can “spend down” their assets and reapply when they have assets under the limit. Persons could also work with a professional Medicaid planner to implement Medicaid planning strategies to become financially eligible. Find a Medicaid planner.

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