Getting Paid to Care for Mom

Last updated: July 22, 2019
medicaidplanner Staff asked 5 years ago

I have been providing care to my mom for years. Will Medicaid pay me to provide care?

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medicaidplanner Staff answered 5 years ago

The simple answer is yes, you can be paid by Medicaid to provide care for your mom. However, with many things Medicaid related, the answer is state specific. Many states offer consumer directed (self-directed) Medicaid programs. These “self-directed benefits”, generally personal care assistance and homemaker services, may be available through the regular state Medicaid program or a home and community based services Medicaid waiver. It is extremely common that the programs that offer consumer direction, meaning the Medicaid recipient can choose his / her own caregiver, allow the care recipient to hire his / her adult child to provide care. In some states, you may have to undergo training to become a home care provider, and in other states, this is not necessary.

Another way that you can be paid for providing care for your mom, though not with cash directly, is with her house as payment via the caregiver child exemption. Simply put, her home can be transferred to you without violating Medicaid’s look back period in exchange for providing care for her. However, certain criteria must be met. You must have lived with your mom for a minimum of two years prior to her immediate relocation to a nursing home and the care in which you provided her must have prevented the need for nursing home placement. If is also important to carefully document the care in which you provided.

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